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Love at First Sight

You drive in, and already feel at home. You walk in the front door, and imagine yourself making dinner in the kitchen, kids splashing in the pool. This is it: you know this is your future home. What you don’t see is the black mold under the kitchen sink, or the rusted water heater in the closet. You’re so in love with this house that you make a cash offer with no contingencies, sure that this is your dream home. Six months down the road, you’re standing ankle deep in water, wondering how many thousand you’ll have to spend on repairs.

WHERE WE COME IN: As your buyer’s agent, we’re here to make sure that you can have your cake and eat it, too (especially if it’s Red Velvet!). We want you to make that emotional connection with a home – and when you do, we’ll be in your corner making sure that everything really is as perfect as it seems. Ensuring that your family’s needs are met, reviewing inspection reports with you, and finding any hidden issues are just some of the steps we take to make sure that your “love at first sight” is truly a love that will last.


Skipping the Buyer’s Agent

When shopping for a new home, those miscellaneous costs can start to add up. From inspection fees to air fare for out-of-town buyers, the amount spent just to get started can be daunting! Because of this, many home buyers chose to forego a Buyer’s Agent – and we get it, we really do. But what if we told you that in Florida, the SELLER pays for the BUYER’S agent? Yes, you read that correctly: you don’t owe a dime to your buyer’s agent, that’s the seller’s job.

WHERE WE COME IN: Breathe a quick sigh of relief, then take full advantage of this arrangement! We’re ready to start looking at houses when you are!


Spending Too Much

You walk into the sales center, knowing this is the community for you - but as the sales associate approaches you, you get this sinking feeling in your stomach. As she begins to review upgrade options, you begin to see stars (which look an awful lot like dollar signs). You were afraid this would happen, and knew that getting your dream home was too good to be true.


WHERE WE COME IN: Don’t go in alone! You need someone on your team with the expertise and skill set to go to bat for you when it really counts. With over 40 years of negotiation experience, CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) Jim Westerfield specializes in using his unique market knowledge to intervene on your behalf, ensuring that both parties walk away happy. One of the most exciting aspects of the sales process for The Westerfield Team is making sure that you CAN have the home that you want, at the price that you want!


The Importance of Pre-Approval

You’re browsing through Trulia when you stumble upon a gorgeous 3-bed 2-bath waterfront condo – exactly what you’ve been looking for! After a quick walkthrough, it’s obvious that this property won’t last long: it’s everything you’ve been looking for, and its priced to sell. You make an offer….and so does another buyer, who’s already pre-approved. When your offer is rejected, the listing agent advises that it really came down to which transaction would be the smoothest. You realize now that you should’ve called a loan officer when you first started looking… but it’s too late and that condo is long gone.

WHERE WE COME IN: We maintain a close relationship with one of the top lenders in the area, helping you get not only that pre-approval letter, but some of the best interest rates available. The Westerfield Team will make sure that all your bases are covered so that when that perfect home comes along, you’ll be ready!


Do You Really Know What’s Out There?

You’re at the closing: keys on the table, ink pen in hand, ready to sign. You thought this would be a fun moment, an exciting transition for your family. Instead, you find yourself staring at the papers in front of you, feeling a sense of defeat; you know this home isn’t what you really wanted, but your research showed that this is the best option available.

WHERE WE COME IN: PUT THE PEN DOWN! You don’t have to feel like you’re settling! Sites like Zillow and Trulia are great tools, but there is so much more to finding a home that the internet can’t provide. Seek advice from an expert who knows the area, and can match you with the right community. At The Westerfield Group, we are committed to finding you not just a house, but a home – your ideal home. Using our vast knowledge of Southwest Florida, we listen to your unique desires and lifestyle habits to ensure that you find not only the right house, but the right community, for you.